The De Monte

“Greetings Master”
The lamp fell from my hand as i screamed at the top of my voice. The voice came from behind me. My heart was pounding but i dared not turn.
That was the moment i cursed myself for planning this adventure. I was regretting being there. And yesterday’s conversation with Amy flashed in my mind.
“C’mon it will be fun. ”
” Fun? Shane you realise that colony is seriously haunted? I mean there are eye witnesses. It is not supposed to be fun. It is supposed to be scary.”
“It will be an adventure. Please. ”
” I am not going Shane ”
“Fine then i will go alone.”
“Fine! Be a fool if you want to but don’t say i didn’t warn you beforehand.”
What was i thinking coming to THE DE MONTE COLONY alone. Wanted to be a daredevil huh? Well here you go miss daredevil.
And then i snapped at myself again. Is this the time to curse yourself you fool? There is someone standing behind you. Probably a ghost. Think about that.
I felt something rough touch my shoulder. And a cold chill ran down my body. I could see a shadow moving at the corner of my eyes.
“Hello miss.”
The voice spoke again. It was deep and calm. I turned with my eyes closed and i opened one eye to check if it was safe to open both. There was a handsome man standing in front of me.
Quite dashing. Tall and fair.
With my voice quivering i asked, “Who are u?”.
I was told that this house had been empty for years. And so it was pretty likely that he wasn’t a human.
“Ginnee Miss”, he said with a smile.
“Ginnee?” I couldn’t help but laugh. Two seconds later i wished i hadn’t. His face was hard. Seeing his expressions and scared once again i spoke.
“I mean Ginnees are supposed to be giant and bald and floating.”
“I am a real Ginnee miss not Aladin Ginnee. ”
Okay nice to meet you sir but i gotta go.”
And i ran towards the door.
” Not until i have granted your wish miss”, he said blocking my way. You rubbed my lamp and so you are my master. Ask for a wish and i will grant it. And then you are free to leave.”
My heart pounding and my veins throbbing, i had just one wish- to get out of here to a safe place. And so i asked for it.
“Very well”, he said.
“Close your eyes.”
I closed my eyes and i felt myself spinning. I opened my eyes and everything around me was blur. I felt i was floating in air. And then I felt solid ground beneath me. The light was bright. And i felt safe. I was finally out of the De Monte Colony. Or as i thought i was. Looking around i realised i was definitely out of the colony. But my panic was at its peak.
I was inside the lamp.

-Divyam Gandhi

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