GOD S01 Chapter 12

“A lot of things have changed since the time we were in 10th Standard! You can jump out on me like this again! Although I had feelings for you back then, doesn’t necessarily mean I have them right now as well.”
(His heart pounded faster as he continued lying)

“The only reason I jumped into the car and drove all the way here is that I thought you were in deep trouble! Why on earth would you do something like this! Are you INSANE!” Abhinav scolded.

“I have a girlfriend now in case you didn’t notice the other day at the Café where we first met. I just wanted to be casual friends, what is this!”

(Abhinav couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth! He knew he was lying but for all the right reasons. He could not just abandon his whole life for the girl he once loved and now barely knew, or could he?)

A tear rolled down Deeksha’s eyes. And this changed everything! Abhinav’s heart turned stone to water in an instant and he gravitated to the truth that she just wanted to surprise him.

Without saying a word of sorry, he began driving. During the whole drive Deeksha kept her head low as if she had committed a grave crime. When the car stopped and she looked up she saw something she had and would never forget!

The small stall at which Abhinav and Deeksha had their first ice-cream together when returning from school several years ago. She looked up to Abhinav and saw him crying as well.

She realized he didn’t forget, how could he!

-Shubham Garg

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