GOD S01 Chapter 11

His heart was pounding hard and a lot of thoughts were bursting in his brain.
What’s the rush? Why so late ? What’s the matter ? Why did she text and not call? 

Why Why?? What What?

He was high on thoughts and the speed of his car was defining the moment.

With each turn and each signal, the pounding fastened and the man who never believed in god prayed, hoping that Deeksha is safe.
As he was approaching her society, he spotted a woman. A woman right in front of the gate wearing white. She was sitting on the chair with earphones on and talking to the gateman with an exemplary smile on her face.
The smile was familiar and sight of it just calmed this raging bull down.

He just lowered down the window and called.

Deeksha !
She turned, and bidding good bye to the gateman started walking towards the car. The sight of her walking towards the car made Abhinav feel a weird rush. He smiled, it’s been a while since he felt it last.
Getting into the car Deeksha blurted,

It’s 4 am in morning Abhinav, was it necessary to shout my name out so loud? smiled and punched Abhinav softly on his shoulder.
Abhinav still in confusion of what’s happening, with his one eyebrow up just stared Deeksha !

She was adjusting herself and the very feel her being beside him was enigmatic.
He asked. Looking right into her eyes..

Why ??
She answered with a smile.

Just drive on boy!
He fired the engine and asked

Where to ma’m ?
Haha, remember the day when you told me that we’ll someday go out on an outing to some random place and just enjoy the day ? Just me, you and the bliss of nature.
Are you serious right now ?? This why I’m here !! It was long ago Deeksha. Things have changed. He shouts.
What ? Deeksha was the one confused now.
The ride was on, Abhinav with his head on the stearing wheel and listening to what he just said.
Deeksha clueless, the smile faded and one thought in her mind.

Is this the same Abhinav ?
– Shivendra Saxena.

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