Simple Hacks to make your Life easier

Let’s face it. Life is full of queues, waiting and competition where everyone wants to get it first. That is why people are so desperate to find short cuts which help them in saving a lot of time and trouble. People always overlook little things that can make life easier. Here are 5 super handy life hacks that you can definitely implement in your daily life.

1) Getting a seat in a crowded traintrain-lh

Well, trains are an important part of everyone’s life. Aeroplanes can’t get you everywhere and cabs just cost too much. But getting a reservation in trains is a headache, made worse when your trip is made in a rush. But there is a simple trick behind getting a seat in a train.

If the train has even a single Chair Car, you are in for a treat. Every CC & 2nd seater has seat no. 1 reserved for the TEC. They almost never use it, and you can easily bargain your place with a little bit of pleading and a little bit of Mr. Gandhi. But if your luck runs out, go for the reservation chart. There are many berths in a coach which are booked for only a portion of the journey. Find a few such berths, show Mr. Gandhi to the TEC, and connect the dots! You are all set to go!

2) Getting rid of Mosquitoesmsqto-lh

There are moments when you must’ve thought why God created mosquitoes. If you are out for camping or trekking, or have simply forgotten your mosquito repellent, the best alternative is… Vicks Vaporub! Mosquitoes simply can’t stand the smell and you can get a nice little sleep without any buzzing or biting.

3) The magic of Caffeine Napcn-lh

If you’ve worked late into the night and you have to wake up early the next day, there is a simple trick that can make you fresh in a couple of hours. Most of us have the misconception that caffeine only makes us more jittery. But if you have a coke or a coffee, and sleep for 2 hours, the 2 hours will be equal to 4 hours of ordinary sleep. It can be your emergency power bank if you don’t have enough time to rest.

4) Getting sick leavesl-lh

If you want to get a sick leave, lie on your back and hang your head down the side. Then if you talk to anyone on the phone, you’ll sound really, really sick. And chances are that the other person might ask you about your health even before you tell them.

5) Luggage at airportovercoat-lh

                Most of you might’ve faced this problem a lot of times. The simple way to take more than allowed luggage on an aeroplane is by utilizing one of their own rules. “Anything on a person’s body doesn’t count as luggage.” So, wear a huge overcoat with a lot of pockets, tear a few inside pockets and stuff as many thin cloths like t-shirts into them as you can. As long as you do not take anything solid enough to be questioned, you can take up to 10 kg of extra luggage.

6) Bye Bye smelly Shoesss-lh

Smelly shoes are common in humid and moist seasons. The best way to get rid of the sickening smell is to put old teabags into the shoes. The smell will vanish within a couple of hours.

7) Pressing clothes? No Problem!lh-shrt                If you don’t have an iron or electricity ditched you at the last moment, you can easily iron your clothes without much trouble. Fold them without any creases, wrap them in a newspaper, and put them under your mattress for a night. You will get clothes as fresh as new the next morning!

These are some pretty small things you can utilize. But the world is vast and the internet is even larger. Google your way into the shortcuts and hack your way into your life.


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