GOD S01 Chapter 10

The clock beeped. 3 a.m.

But there was no hint of tiredness or sleepiness in his eyes. He lay wide awake. Smiling . He hadn’t stopped smiling since he came from office.

It was one of the happiest days of his life. He and Deeksha had such a beautiful conversation. It was so nice talking to her like before. It was like he had found a part of him that was lost. He just lay awake. Reliving his meeting with her in his head over and over again for the past five hours.

But even though he was extremely happy he couldn’t avoid the pit in his stomach. This strange feeling that he had that something was wrong. It was because of Deeksha’s strange body language. Although she was quite herself, she was paler. He had noticed that her fingernails were a little bluish and she kept looking around her, as if fearing someone might see her. She laughed her usual hearty laugh but there was a nervousness in it. It started abruptly as always but it also ended as abruptly and that never used to happen. He ignored all of it because he was just too excited to see her. But somewhere inside all this was bothering him.

He wanted to know what was wrong so he decided that he would confront her the next day.

He turned on his side and closed his eyes with still a smile on his face.

Just then his phone beeped. A text popped from an unknown number.

“Meet me at 22 raghunath path NOW!!! URGENT!!


He could sense the urgency in the msg. What could be possibly this urgent at 3:30 in the morning.

Raghunath street. The name sounded uncannily familiar. Assuming she was in great trouble he ran out of the house and started driving without a hint that after tonight his life will never be the same.

– Divyam Gandhi 

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