The science of deduction

  1. The man mystery, the most famous detective ever, the man known as Mr. Sherlock Holmes is probably the only name that first comes to mind when some one calls for a comparison to private  detective.

sherAlthough he is nothing but a figment of imagination of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the man leaves no stone unturned in leaving the readers of his assistant, Mr. Watson’s diaries, with utter awe and admiration of his works.
My personal favourite is not so surprisingly “The hounds of Baskervilles”. The sheer brilliance of the man is brought out with every case he solves and the admiration the users have for him is directly proportional to that.
This brings me to the heading, “The Science of deduction” , what could this possibly be?
The science of deduction is basically observing everything that happens around you carefully and drawing inferences from the same. Which is basically what a regular scientific experiment is all about. The advantages of what is the science of deduction can be found in every stream of life and these advantages have been brought out incredibly well through the master of the art himself, Sherlock Holmes.
No matter, in what form the man(in a few recent portrayals, a woman) arrives in, a page, a stage or a box for that matter, the laddie is probably the most incredible detective thought of ever.


So well, eliminate the impossible, discover the improbable and debate upon the truth like Mr. Doyle wanted you to do.

Cheers to Sherlock and Mr. Doyle for bringing him to life.
-Abhijit Krishna Menon

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