GOD S01 Chapter 9

All the love, all the years of longing and all the years of wondering of what could have been flashed in front of both their eyes. It was then that Abhinav realised she had not forgotten him. Most certainly not. But then why did she pretend earlier? What could possibly be the reason?

Deeksha’s face was blank. She had no clue how to respond or what to say. All she said was, that’s alright. You can get in and let’s begin with the training.

It was during the break when they both finally got the chance to talk to each other. Deeksha approached Abhinav when he was about to crush his own color switch record. Deeksha’s arrival meant the record could go take a walk. 

There were tons of questions from both ends, but first the awkward hi was put aside. 

Deeksha apologised for the other day, she told him she was in a hurry and he didn’t flash back to her memory that fast. 

Abhinav knew she was lying but he didn’t care. He was merely satisfied with the fact that Deeksha at least recognised him now. 

They spent the whole break talking and refreshing memories before getting back to the program.

It was by far the best day Deeksha had, had in years. Would the days to come be as happy though?

(To be continued)

-Abhijit Krishna Menon

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