GOD S01 Chapter 8

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She comes back home, with tears in her eyes.How could fate be so cruel to her. All these years it was just a single photograph she had of him. And now, he was there, right in front of her.

The same eyes, the same smell, the same warmth, the same feeling.

She always wondered if he would still remember her. And the bad part was, he still did.
It was yet again another Monday, but there was something different.

“Am leaving Ananya. Better wake up soon. And don’t miss your interview again.” And there she left for her work.

It was a new day for Abhinav. New formals, new shoes, new work. It was all he ever wanted. It was his first day at office. He was nervous, but who cares. 

He takes a cab, and reaches his office. Alas! He was 30 minutes late!
Deeksha kept waiting at the entrance of her work place. Just one person, and she would start teaching the new trainees their work.
“I am sorry I got late, the traffic was hell furious today. I apologise Miss…….Miss…???”
“Miss Deeksha.”
She turns and sees him. Their eyes meet again. The same longing, she always saw.

It was him, her lost love, Abhinav.

-Parveen Sultana 

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