GOD S01 Chapter 7


She turned.


“It’s me. Abhinav.”

 “I am sorry. Do i know you?”

“You are Deeksha, right? “

” Yes”

“I am Abhinav. We were together in 10th grade. Does that ring any bell?”

He saw a confused expression on her face.

His heart was racing. How could she not remember him? But he didn’t give up.

“We were best friends?  We bullied the watchman daily?  We broke your brother’s PS2?  We used to fight for ice-creams? I did your projects? Anything ?

“I think you have got the wrong person.”

“No, of course i haven’t. It’s you, Deeksha Nayar. How come you don’t remember me?  You moved away and we lost contact. But how come you don’t  remember me?”

“Look, I have to leave. I have no idea what you are talking about. My friends are waiting. I have to go. I am sorry.”

She looked into his eyes. And at that moment his world collapsed. His hopes shattered. His dreams gave up. Because in her eyes he could see no trace of any recognition. He stood there. Seeing her walk away. With no memory of him. His legs shook as his life quaked.

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