Area 51 – The eternal mystery.

Mystery week it is, and the best time to talk about one of the most tantalizing mysteries of ‘em all, which has been the subject of a lot of oohs and aahs since the 1950’s. Yes, the title is a dead giveaway really. AREA 51, the military base of the US in Nevada.

Conspiracy theorists’ favourite baby and the so-called “UFO Experts” permanent case study, why has Area 51 been that appealing to the mysterious eye of the world? Well, the fact that it has (or had, until recently) been shrouded in secrecy, extremely guarded by the United States, led to everyone questioning the very purpose of the facility.
The mystery started when a certain person, in the 1950s, claimed to have worked as a physicist over there and also claimed to have worked on extracting tech innovations from UFO parts, which caught the fancy of many citizens and though he was caught later with all his claims, including that of his job being put to waste, he kindled a lot of curiosity for generations to come.
The US X2 aircraft supposedly underwent testing here to prove the existence of aliens. According to conspiracy theorists, the fact that the location got disclosed only recently suggests that the government may have ditched all the alien-research related works and is just blindfolding the common folk. Okay?!
Though the American Government has recently informed us about the exact location of Area 51, it continues and will eternally be an object of fascination for every one of us. The believers of the rational and the supernatural are always gonna be at loggerheads with each other on this one, but a mystery which inspired a famous video game (included zombies too!), half a dozen movies has to be something special, right?

Because Secrecy kindled Curiosity.
And Curiosity kindled Area 51.

Anirudh Bhagavatula

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