The triangle of death

“ It’s dark out here ” “ Don’t tense. Please try to fly out ” “ The devil’s on the surge again… beep..beep..”

And there goes another one. Yeah , the well known Bermuda triangle is what we are talking about. This geometric figure also known as the Devil’s triangle is located in the Atlantic ocean roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. So , what exactly is happening there ? Could it be any worse ? Are people missing alive or dead ? Let us pick up the most interesting and reasonable theory. Many don’t believe it exists though.

At times there are violent storms in this area. These short but intense storms can build up so quickly and calm away so fast that it is impossible for a satellite to detect them properly. This storm forms like a tornado and sucks the ships, planes, yachts thousands of feet into the ocean. The seafloor takes unusual transformations from a gentle slope to a sudden deep drop. When they drop to the ocean due to the rapid running water strength they are pushed away out of the triangle area. So , we could never trace any of the lost ones as they are transported some miles away by the ocean itself. Coming to the people , they could never be traced out.

These happenings were tracked when the earth was healthier. Now .. the destruction caused by us is taking it far way out of control. Hope it does not convert to a much bigger figure covering the whole world.

-Sai Pranavi

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