GOD S01 Chapter 6

Abhinav was now 21.

He was at a restaurant with his friends and his girlfriend Tara, celebrating their graduation. They were all ecstatic. They couldn’t believe they were finally done with college. All those late night assignments, those hectic schedules, running behind the professors and making sure they were on their good side so that they could get their LORs was finally worth it for them today.

They finally did it.

As Abhinav sat along with his friends, dazed by the evening, his fingers tangled with his girlfriend’s finger, his eyes were wondering around the busy restaurant observing everyone.

Then his eyes landed on her, his first love



All the memories came rushing back to him.

All those nights he spent crying about her, all those unanswered texts because both of them couldn’t make time for each other. All those futile unsuccessful attempts to be in touch so that there was hope, hope that was hanging by thing thread.

But eventually he gave up.

But when he saw her again that night, laughing at something her friend told her, he realized she was still as beautiful as ever.  She was angel that was only visible to his eyes.

His first love.

He looked at Tara, and then he looked at Deeksha

Should he go and talk to her?

-Bhargavi Ravi

One thought on “GOD S01 Chapter 6

  1. Sometimes giving second chance for first one is correct. If he had really forget deeksha, when he saw her again he won’t get a doubt of talk to her or not. So according to my opinion, he should tell his feeling to Tara and move on to deeksha.

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