The everlasting pill of optimism 

Don’t look up, look at her!!Clicked?

Yeah, the always lively sarcastically optimistic Lilly Singh aka Superwomen. Its like humour and sarcasm flows in her veins.
When your life is lurking in dark shadows, and you see no way out of the puzzle, you know you are doomed.

Optimism is a state of mind, in which the individual dwells to see his fate play any cards. Inculcating one such trait, is sure to help you change your perception.
And being sarcastically optimistic is like a sniper’s gun, picking people off when they least expect it. And using humour as an added ingredient, spices up the whole movie.
You live everyday, you just die once. Make that living worthwhile.

Hopelessness, destruction all these feelings will co-exist and surround you. Try living positive for once.

In a world of chaos and mayhem, it helps!

-Parveen Sultana

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