GOD S01 Chapter 5

The irony was that Abhinav knew very well that the hardest part wasn’t even over yet. It was yet to come. The Goodbye. How shall I hide my tears when I wave her bye for now, or possible forever!

The mere thoughts raced his heart to his throat and made his gut crumble like they had never before.The beginning, the middle and the end. What he thought to be a long and never ending chapter of his autobiography, his conquest of love now could be summed up into one page. He looked up to the sky and asked god “What did I do wrong?” “Why me!”

Maybe it was just infatuation or just the heat of the moment that Abhinav cursed his luck because he never knew what God had in place for him. He never knew how magically everything was soon going to fall back into its place.

But at that moment, all that Abhinav could think of was the hard goodbye. Oh how he wished that this did not happen. As she made her final steps towards the loaded car, Deeksha looked back once towards Abhinav, only to realize that he was already walking back towards his home with tear filled eyes.

He just could not see her go.
-Shubham Garg

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