GOD S01 Chapter 4

(Do read the the first 3 chapters. You can find it under stories on our blog) 

Long nights. Endless reasoning’s. 
Was it the magic of her smile or a conspiracy played by her eyes.

He would lay still, waiting for her text. One single reply, and he was done with all the imaginary butterflies, swirling round his head.

Was it love? Or was it just another lame infatuation?

Easy to say but hard to admit.

All the chaos got unveiled when he saw her name on his phone. It was just a normal ‘Hey’, but it meant something more than that for him.
“Hey. You replied. Where have you been?”, he replied.
He could see her ‘typing’ but could see no new texts from her. Was something wrong? Did he hurt her sentiments? What the hell was happening!
“Am leaving Abhinav. My father got transferred to a new city. Am leaving tomorrow early morning.”
And that was it.
He shut his eyes, read her message again and again. An end to a beautiful beginning.

‘Will I ever be able to tell her how much I love her’, he wondered.
With tears in his eyes he lay still, for another long day, yet to begin.
 It was a long day for Abhinav. Watching Deeksha from a distance, seeing all her bags packed. 
(To be continued) 

Parveen Sultana

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