GOD S01 Chapter 3

“Let me walk you home.” “No its alright! ” she said. 

” Oh c’mon”

She didn’t reply, just slowly started walking with him. She realised she needed him. With all the stress of the failed exam, she realised his presence calmed her down. 

Meanwhile he kept searching for words. Since the time he realised that there could be more to this friendship than “just friends”, he was finding it more and more difficult to communicate with her normally. 

He saw a tear on her cheek. He had this uncontrollable desire to hold her hand. He hesitantly mingled his fingers in hers. His heart was racing. She didn’t resist. Just held his hand tightly. He looked at her. She was already looking at him smiling. 

They had reached her home. 

“I am better, thanks”. Although their entire walk had barely ten words spoken but somehow it calmed her down. 

They looked at each other and there was a few seconds of eye contact. Then she turned away and went in…leaving him wondering if that eye contact meant something?

-Divyam Gandhi 

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