What do Dan Bilzerian and Harvey Specter have in common? 

Anyone with a job description that states Professional poker player is most likely someone who’s cocky as hell and doesn’t give two hoots about what you think of them. Dan Bilzerian the man, is one such person. 

Cocky right down to the deepest orifices in his body(no pun intended) yet respectable in weird ways. 

Cockiness is a characteristic of a person that makes you cringe at the sight of them and yet secretly respect them for the amount of belief they have in themselves. 

It is a characteristic that everyone should probably have and yet restrain in themselves to save themselves the chance of being avoided by people. 

Another case in point, Harvey Specter. 

Mr Specter puts cockiness at his best when he says and I quote ‘According to me, is the only according to that matters’ 

Cheers. 🙂 

-Abhijit Krishna Menon

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