GOD S01 Chapter 2

Abhinav and Deeksha had met only about a few months back on the first day of the 10th grade.
They seemed to hit it off as friends almost instantly.

Much like how a lot of friendships in school’s start, there was a lot of leg pulling, a few bad jokes and a lot of laughter. Being a true Aries, Abhinav was a quite the rampaging bull with a hugely dynamic personality. Deeksha always did bring about the stability in him.
Over the few months though, things weren’t all well between them. They had fought and had stayed away for quite some time, and the reason was incredibly stupid. What made matters worse were Abhinav’s conflicting feelings about Deeksha.
He knew he liked her, but he had no idea how much. Well he was about to find out soon enough.

-Abhijit Krishna Menon

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