Game of dreams Season 1 – GOD S01 Chapter 1

He was pretty nervous. Texted her – What if I asked you out someday ? 

She replied – What if I said yes?
Then I would be the luckiest man alive. 

Do you mean it ? She typed. 

Yes. But do you ? He replied. 

I don’t know was the reply and then she went offline. 

There was a spark there. A spark that had the potential to become a wildfire. 

The boy was happy that she didn’t deny but simultaneously wondered, 

Why? Why did she say ‘I don’t know’. 

On the other side, she was smiling.

Thinking about how this sweet friendship is taking a beautiful turn. 

Both went to sleep with a pleased smile on their face. Little did they know that this is the start of a storm, a storm that’s going to destroy everything they ever felt for each other.

(To be continued)

– Shivendra Saxena

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