Are You Satisfied Enough?

What exactly is “ Satisfaction ” ? It is the state of mind which says “Dude, I am happy with what I have !” The irony is, it never happens with “HUMANS” alone!! People crave for useless things more than the essential things.

Crave for KNOWLEDGE , not numbers.
Crave for HAPPINESS , not thrills.
Crave for LOVE , not lust.
Crave for FITNESS , not physique.
Crave for LEADERSHIP , not power.
Crave for INDEPENDENCE , not unruliness.
Crave for BEAUTY , in rather than out.
The moment realization dawns , the world becomes a better place to live in. The peace of mind becomes more important than being famous. Being just a copy of society is replaced by uniqueness.



What's your point of view?

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