The Fate of Life

Emotions are unspoken words, easy to feel but hard to perceive.
It’s the divine beauty of heart that mortals are unable to understand when they really need to. Being close to someone special, who is very close to your heart, makes you feel alive. Many such people will come and go, it’s only who lasts long matters the most. It is hard to leave someone in the midst of all life’s challenges; even though you know you’re making the wrong decision. This phase breaks you down, tears you apart.

It’s fate that people meet, it’s all because of a purpose, that one destiny’s step, that completely turns your world around. It’s you who has to decide, because it’s you who has to suffer. Some people do stay long, even if destiny plays the wrong cards, they will find their way back.

Life teaches you its lessons at every cross roads, it’s only you who can shape the end.

– Pravallika

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