Separation is a part and parcel of life. Let us take a small example- when a child is born, he is taught everything and given immense love in the family.
But a time comes, when he grows enough to go to school and during this time there is a temporary separation which he encounters from his family.

As he grows, he seeks for education in other states or sometimes other nations thereby causing some greater separation from home. Then after he gets married and has his own children, this separation between him and
his family only increases further.

Now if it happen that any of his family members is no more after a span of time, this leads to a permanent separation among them which can’t be regained.

Things which are taken for granted before makes people realize its value only after facing separation from that. So friends, realize the value of every single person whom we encounter in life irrespective of the distance you are apart from them.

-Tanisha Gupta

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