New City

Positive vibes were at it’s peak when Rahi had moved in to her own apartment at the new city. Perfect view, perfect job, everything but the perfect relationship. Which also until a few months back was going really well. Then came her promotion, which is supposed to be a good thing except it meant she had to move to a new city.

Her boyfriend Aakash wasn’t too happy about letting her leave, it obviously meant distance and not just physical. Fights had become a regular and after one such fight today Rahi moved herself to the balcony with the perfect view to try and calm herself down. She knew deep down that she loved Aakash but was this becoming too difficult? She never really liked giving up on things.

While her mind mingled on, on those matters she heard the doorbell ring. It was her colleague Kabir. Kabir who was quite moody and usually kept to himself had brought along a chocolate chip ice cream and immediately Rahi knew. Aakash! It had to be. Turns out, Aakash and Kabir have been good friends for quite some time.

Kabir left, Rahi closed the door giggling like a school girl would after her first date and dialled Aakash.



-Panthi Desai



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