Immortality: No longer a myth

Immortality has been the biggest myth chased across the world by human beings since the dawn of time.

The human life is so short, so fragile in this vast world that no man alive can even start to unveil the wonders of the creation. Death is the bighest truth there is, and despite how much we try, we are going to die, one day or another.

So, how can one be immortal? There’ll be a time when it’ll be possible with super technology and such things. But for now?

Let me give you a small hint. Newton, Einstein, Darwin, Neil Armstrong; familiar with these names?

Well, they are dead, and yet they exist. And they’ll be always there till the end of time. Because no matter what happens, an apple will always fall on the ground.

Getting the idea? The only way to be immortal in this world is to leave behind such a legacy that nothing can remove it.

Be a Legend. Be Immortal.

-Gyan Akarsh

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