Engineer: The Variable with Infinite Limits

“Engineers” are not just some professionals, they are a breed apart. When I say this, what I imply is quite simple. Among all professions, engineering will always be the most common, and the most unique at the same time.

An engineer’s arsenal of skills is far more larger than anyone’s. They get to know the truth that man is a machine. And since they mostly learn to fix machines, they can fix humans. They learn to barter for every last ounce of food in the wee hours. They learn marketing. The exceptional skill to manage complete syllabus in one night makes them excellent at management.

An engineer can choose to take whatever path he likes after he becomes an engineer. Management is open for him, Law is available, Arts & Humanities are there and much more. The combination of these skills and opportunity makes engineers unique in a unique way.

An Engineer can be whatever he wants.

What's your point of view?

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