5 Road Trips to take from SRM before passing out!

Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

College years are some of the reckless and the best eras where there’s plenty to be learnt, a bevy of experiences that can carve and shape you in the person you are about to become. So grab your buddies, rent some vehicles and go vroooomm!!! this weekend!! Here are your 5 weekend getaways with different dimensions of interest to satisfy your wanderlust:

1. Pondicherry

Image result for pondicherry french colony

               “Isn’t yellow one of your favorites? – The French Colony, Pondicherry.”

The erstwhile French colony and presently the Union Territory, Pondicherry is a perfect blend of two cultures. The architecture of old houses, restaurant and homestays, the soft brick roads, and the French population are the spirit of Pondicherry embraced by a striking Tamil culture. Walk on the seaside promenade, watch the sunset at Serenity Beach, shop for trinkets in the main market and then end your day with wine and French dinner. You can just spend hours, appreciating life just like that.

Distance From Chennai: 171 km.

Time Taken: 2 h 16 min via NH32.

2. Mahabalipuram

Image result for mahabalipuram

      “No wonder why God resides here! – The Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram.”  

Now for all the photography freaks and worlds heritage site lovers, this travel destination is just for you. Only about 2 hours’ drive from Chennai, Mahabalipuram is known to be the flourishing port of the Pallava kingdom, back in the first century AD. You get to see the magnificent five rathas (chariots), the ancient lighthouse, the amazing shore temple, the Krishna’s butter ball and many more cool stuff.  This ancient city, located the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu, was famous for its ‘seven pagodas’ off these, only one stands visible to the naked eye, the shore temple. The other 6 temples are known to have submerged under water.

Krishna’s butterball is another glorious and spectacular marvel of this place. There have been many suppositions and theories regarding its position as to why it never moved. Many call it the aliens’ rock but who knows it just might.

The vast beaches, the elegant star temples, the cool breeze, and the soothing sunrises is all you need sometimes.

Distance from Chennai: 56 km

Time Taken: 1 h 31 min via E Coast Rd

3. Tada Falls

Image result for tada falls review

“The above says it all! – Tada Falls, Chittoor.”

Nothing can beat the happiness of listening to the singing birds, trickling water and the echoes of our own voices. If you are a nature lover then this weekend gateway is right for you! Located near the place called TADA in CHITTOOR district, it is known for its waterfall, hillocks and greenery. Around 95 km from Chennai it provides the best experience of trekking interspersed with streams rocks and jungle life with a massive waterfall at the end of it.

Time Taken: 2 h 6 min via NH16.

4. Yercaud

Image result for yercaud

A peculiar nature of its kind! – Yercaud Lake, Salem.”

A serene hill station, located in Salem District of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is a charming destination to visit. With green grass plots, luxuriant hills and stunning scenic beauty, it offers perfect equilibrium to touristy fun and ‘me-time’. The enthralling weather is what make this place a perfect getaway from the torrid heats of Chennai. The Yercaud Lake, the 32 km Loop Road, Kiliyur waterfall, Shevoroy Hills, Pagoda Point are some of the few locations you just don’t wanna miss out. Life in this area is totally unruffled making it one of the mesmerizing trips of your lifetime.

Distance From Chennai: 370 km.

Time Taken: 6 h 13 min via NH32 and NH79.

5. Tharangambadi

Image result for Tharangambadi

     “The army post you would love to hang out with your buds! – Fort Dansborg, Tranquebar.”  

Also known by Danish name Tranquebar, Tharangambadi is a small town in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. If heritage buildings, cultural history and architecture is your thing, then Tranquebar is an ideal place for weekend getaway. Fort Dansborg is a center attraction of this place where Danish manuscripts and sculptures are the only remainders of Danish East India Company. Besides this is the Zion Church, a Jerusalem Church built in 17th century, one of the most significant churches of the place. Tranquebar is a flawless reflection of rich colonial heritage giving tourists a perfect location for sightseeing.

Distance from Chennai: 283 km.

Time Taken: 5 h 15 min via E Coast Rd and NH32.


K.Sai Pranavi, Parveen Sultana & Manan Wason

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