Cauvery, an understandable conflict? 

Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, quite acceptably termed the super powers of South India with the leaps in development that they have made over the years.
 Another thing they have done over the years,124 to be precise, has been fight their heart out over the water of the Cauvery river. Right from the time they were known as the Princely state of Mysore and Madras Presidency they have had a go at keeping the independently termed river of life water to themselves. 

Water has always been in conflict, be it the Tigris river amongst Turkey,Syria and Iraq or the Nile conflict in Africa. The arguments that even nations don’t fight for river why should states is absolutely and quite bluntly bull shit. 

Water is a scarce resource and is understably fought over, but doing so violently is just adding to the troubles the lack of water is causing anyways. 

No matter what the verdict, a side is destined to be disappointed. The disappointment coming out in a decent manner is acceptable and in violence is punishable. 

Abhijit Krishna Menon

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