My Life is not really my choice


I am a girl with an ambition, not a dream.

This is what I thought until I learnt that it’s actually the converse of the concept that follows in reality.

As per that, I should rather state that as, “I am a girl with a dream, not an ambition.”

My mind probably did give me the permission to dream, but without the condition of having it fulfilled.

An expresser is what I wanted to be.An expresser of thought, an expresser of opinion, the expresser of my expressions,

I wanted to express through words that go about like magic.

I wanted to become a writer.

But here I am, cutting my way through the crowd  of common interests, one out of every three wanting to follow the road not taken, but forced to follow the road ‘most’ travelled by.

I had to sacrifice my smile, for the smile on my parent’s face.

Do something that gives you something in return, they said and I assumed it to be happiness. But then I realised they meant money. And this way, my life made me used to losing things,people and what not.

I have lost the battle against following my ambition yet again. But I hope that one fine day, sooner or later, probably, I’ll find myself sitting down patiently, penning down, “My Ambition”, as a writer.

-Saakshi Agarwal

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