Is the biggest bang yet to come? 

After F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Big Bang Theory made it’s name familiar to almost all the sitcom lovers around the world.

The 4 socially awkward nerds and their HOT friend Penny have surely marked their place . It’s a total contrast to all the other shows which screen up the prettiest ones and their situational dramas .. Who’s left watching them anyway ?? Science students finding time to actually get off their books to watch a show was something unheard of before!

Coming to the story who would have thought “the hot girl” would fall for the “geeky Physicist”? He is the first ever guy who actually made it through the FRIEND ZONE … way to go dude !

The humour though always revolves around the ever exasperating and intelligent Sheldon. The trump of cards – Sheldon and Amy’s relationship , Howard’s mother , Raj’s problems is a feather in the hat.

Will it end up Sheldon and Leonard being brothers ( I don’t think they are ready !? ) and us rolling –on-the-floor ? Fingers crossed ! 

Sai Pranavi 

One thought on “Is the biggest bang yet to come? 

  1. Big Bang Theory is the best sitcom on TV. I don’t think that Penny is running the show like some blogs say. I think the show has a lot more life in it. When you have something good like The Big Bang theory people can’t wait for the next season. So I say leave it alone and let them keep making more of the show.

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