Fun activities to do in and around Chennai!

Stressed through the week and bored through the weekend is usually how a typical SRMite spends his/her week.

Well we have taken it upon ourselves to not let that happen again.

Fill out your calendar with the following list, and make sure you’ve got enough activities to do so as to let the Jack in you, never be a dull boy again

Go nuts Machas and Machis. Enjoy!


  1. LASER Tag

Without proper trainings and required skills, no one would like to step into a battlefield! However, when it comes to participate in an exciting laser tag battle, almost every fun lover would hop into the arena and shoot down their enemies with their laser gun! A new trend among all the different adventure sports in Chennai, laser tag is grabbing plenty of attention in the recent time. A multiplayer activity, it requires no hard fast training nor any certain level of fitness and can be enjoyed by almost all the age groups. In this fun-frolic game, teams are usually divided into different groups and are led into an arena while dressed up with laser sensor vests. Once both the teams are on, the battle begins with each of the teams targeting at the laser sensors of the other. Revelry with the laser gun continues till a certain period of time or till the last person in the opponent team gets shot. Fun, safety, excitement and thrill are guaranteed in this fun-battle!



LOCATION: Second Floor,Sunderlal Nahata Avenue, Kilpauk Garden Road, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010




Well, if laser tag battle is not enough and you desire for a more realistic experience of a battlefield, paintball is something that you must try! One of the most sought after adventure sports in Chennai, paintball is the next best thing to experience in this metropolis. The rules of the game are very simple: get ready with the safety gears, step into the battlefield, load your guns with colored pellets and start shooting down your enemies. Like laser tag, paintball also requires no ardent training or prior experience; fitness level is also not a concern till you are able to spot your opponents. Mostly conducted in the outdoors, this thrilling activity is something that will keep you engrossed in unlimited fun and excitement. Next time you visit the city, make it to a paintball arena, camouflage a battlefield and have unlimited adventure.



LOCATION: No.8, Shri Krishna Enclave, Water Land Drive, Kottivakkam Beach, Near Bella Ciao, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041



Chennai, the ‘Gateway to South India’ is blessed with a gracious coastline and abundant of greeneries. Though most of the city comprises of plain or flat lands, the outskirts does offer an ample of rugged and uneven terrains that make this city an ideal cycling destination. And in case, you are not in the mood of pedalling in the outskirts, you can ride within the city and make it to some of the adventurous places in Chennai. Offering a tropical wet and dry climate, the city offers several adventurous places to the cycling enthusiasts. During your visit to this metropolis that is steeped with history, culture and traditions, you can pedal around its scenic riversides, lakes and beachfronts, and explore its bountiful nature. Some of the parts of the Old City are also often thronged by the cyclists who come here to take a delightful ride and discover the quaint charm and appeal of the city. To add here, the East Coast Road (or ECR) is one of the most wonderful cycling destinations in the entire of Chennai.





The lush and untouched greeneries around Chennai serves as an ideal home to a range of exotic flora and fauna. For the wildlife lovers, this city offers an ample of opportunities to witness and spot several rare and endangered wildlife species. From the ferocious tigers to the cold blooded crocodiles, a range of  birds to other charismatic reptiles, this metropolitan city offers several enthralling destinations that makes it for an amazing wildlife experience. A visit to the Madras Crocodile Bank in Mamallapuram will give you an insight about these lazy predators along with the opportunity to feed them. Guindy National Park and Guindy Snake Park also serves as a wonderful destination for the wildlife enthusiasts. While the national park has a significant population of blackbuck, hyena, spotted deer and others, the snake park houses around 23 different species of snakes, crocodiles, tortoises, turtles and lizards. Arignar Anna Zoological Park with its dwellers like tigers, jaguars, lions, panthers, elephants, giraffes and others, is also one of the best sanctuaries to visit near Chennai. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is also one of the ideal spot for bird watching among the wildlife lovers.





The thrill of the roller coaster after waiting for 3 hours in the scorching heat and refusing to leave the water even after mom yelled at you 5 times, are childhood memories that we’ll all remember forever. But they don’t need to remain as only memories. Chennai has an exhaustingly large number of amusement parks placed in and around the city which include theme parks, water parks, snow worlds etc. And if you’re worried about safety, don’t be. These parks are extremely safe as can be proved by the sheer number of kids enjoying in them. So, what are you waiting for?! Just pack a second set of clothes, grab your friends, jump in an auto (or the iconic local train) and I assure you, it’ll be a day well spent.


LOCATIONS:  Queens Land: Bangalore Trunk Road, Palanjur, Chennai (48km from SRM, KTR campus)

MGM Dizee World: No.1/74, East Coast Road, Muttukadu, Chennai (41.9km from SRM, KTR campus)

-By Sahil Mehra and Srijeeta Mandal

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