BCCI – Holier than Thou?!

Wondering what the title’s about? Well, this piece of news that went viral on twitter is the statement

which kind of explains itself: “BCCI decides to postpone India-NZ’s third ODI in Delhi on October 19th by a day due to the Karva-Chauth festival.”

I bet the people who have been drinking something must have looked at the glass once again to wonder if what they have been drinking all along is whisky or ‘apna chai’. Yes, it is probably non-alcoholic. And the reason? No fans would come!
Now, BCCI seriously needs to correct its own game here. You are postponing an international cricket match where fans will throng the stadium due to a regional festival which does not carry much traction for cricket lovers, does it? They. Will. Still. Come. Two completely unrelated topics which are being talked about in the same breath. Spectacular.

I hope the Indian players can now “peacefully” celebrate the festival with their wives who will be keeping a “Vrat(fast)” for them and the Kiwis too can join the party. I mean, the fast.

P.S.- Congratulations to the BCCI for letting the Twitterati have an amazing time.


Anirudh Bhagavatula

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