Should Trump Trump? 

Today is the time when Donald Trump, the rather eccentric marauding billionaire is trying to make himself President Of the States. The first line still resembles a joke, right?

But then in comes this guy, a person who represents the idiosyncrasies of America particularly well, but at the same time manages to grip on the tenterhooks of childishness (and the masses?!).

Like, he changes statements faster than a fish takes to water. Comments like, “All Mexicans are either drug smugglers or rapists”, turning to “Mexican immigrants are important to the US economy”. Wait. What? And then, his views on immigration policies, women, the religion of Islam. Hmm. A Pulitzer for such views maybe?

He exemplifies some “traditional” American qualities, right. He is a successful businessman. And he is also a great negotiator in real estate. So? He has got rifts with the very party that he’s representing! Can’t think of that happening with the BJP or the Congress really.

The American people’s real mojo will be put to test here. And the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rightly put in, “The choice of the President in the end reflects the mentality of the people who vote for him (or her)!” Yup. We will see, yeah.

Anirudh Bhagavatula

2 thoughts on “Should Trump Trump? 

  1. Very well written!!!
    And yes it all breaks down to what people think and what people choose and it’s gonna reflect what they understand of this guy and what is the mentality of the people like he said. Let us see!


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