Peace, at the cost of religion?

Bakridd! A holy festival celebrated to pay respect to the sacrifice by Prophet Ibrahim. The festival which is usually celebrated through a sacrifice of a domestic animal has generally received a lot of flak , especially in a Hindu majoritarian nation such as India.


unityThe issue is not with the  celebrating of Bakrid but rather with that of the way it is celebrated. Hindu’s find it odd that an animal needs to be sacrificed to please a god but the argument that ‘How can an animal be fed and treated so well for so many days just to be killed’ goes down the drain of course if the Hindu is Non vegetarian.

Animal sacrifice is not all that uncommon in Hinduism either and so the whole argument itself  seems void.

While people are free to eat what they want, animal sacrifices irrespective of the religion has got to stop in public. Slaughter houses are present for a reason and must be used.

Although there is no Supreme Court order stating otherwise , people have got to be courteous and realise there are people around them as well.

Peace prevails , where courteousness is given preference over religion. This basic courtesy should be a must for all in the coming years. Years because festivals of all religions are included too.

Also , Bakridd Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and Sisters out there. Stay Courteous.

– Abhijit Krishna Menon

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