The night before was probably one of the longest and toughest nights you have been through in your life. The dim sky reflected the gloom and despair in your eyes as your mind wandered somewhere far. You imagined yourself similar to the moon— cold, distant, and lonely in the darkness. You’ve been feeling like a burden and a disturbance and no one seems to bother about the raging storm in your head. It’s not because no one cares but ’cause you refuse to speak about it. I have heard your silence. I know that you’ve been dying to make a sound. You’ve been piteously crying yourself in bed and weeping in silence hoping it would play as a lullaby that sways you to sleep. It’s been going on for what seemed like forever and you’ve finally come to the conclusion that time doesn’t heal anything. It only buries you and makes the pain familiar.

Truth is, we don’t need to rush in fixing ourselves because we are not limited of time. We don’t need time for ourselves to be restored, because what we actually need is to give ourselves the chance to heal. Life is made of so many things. Life isn’t always rainbows and a sunny day. It isn’t always full and calm. It’s not always how we want it to be. Each of us has a battle we need to overcome, because there are days when the sun won’t shine for you and you will get wet in the rain. There are seasons when life is cruel and painful and this is the time to surrender your ordinary self and uncover the warrior in you. Life is not stagnant and you have to keep going and not be stuck in that phase of hopelessness. It won’t be easy but you are made of bravery, passion, and glory that make you capable of persevering through whatever life put you into. And believe me, you will come out even stronger. Those bruises and wounds will heal and the honest mark it leaves will represent the victory of how you conquered. Today is the day. Prepare yourself for a new battle. Believe in your strength and keep fighting. You are born to triumph!
You are a warrior.

Shreya Bhargava

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