Remember? Do you still remember the dreams that we saw together? Do you recollect the promises that we made together? Do you actually recall the time that we spent together? Do you remember how lil things fancied us so much? Do you remember how we meant the world to each other at one point of our lives?
I’m pretty sure you don’t. Because I still remember the pain and grief that I had to go through every single day, every single night. Thinking and wondering and blaming myself on how things didn’t work out at the end. Thinking that I’m not good enough.
I’m pretty sure you don’t remember anything. Because if you did, you wouldn’t be making out with a hoe down the street. Because if you did, you wouldn’t be working really hard to make me feel small. Because if you did, you would have cared to look back at least once and see where was i standing. If you did, you wouldn’t have forgotten the strongest bond that we shared. Because, if you did you wouldn’t have made me feel worthless.

But you know what? I remember every single instance so well that now I have started loving myself more than ever. I have actually started valuing my own existence not to prove you wrong but to prove that I was wrong, who thought that I am not good enough! And since I remember all those lil things that happened, I now have a purpose to love myself. Thanks honey.

Parisha desai

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