Our secret

Right after the last exam when he came out of his class. He realised the next year wont be the same and as soon as this thought captured his mind. He started hugging each and everyone. It was not like anyone was leaving him but he felt a bit lost. He came forward and gave me a quick hug followed by a hand shake. When i tried to loosen the grip. He held it even tighter. He looked at me with those scared eyes. He looked as if he was not ready to let it all go, as if all he ever wanted was right in front of him but he couldn’t stop it. So i kept holding his hand. Then finally came the time to bid our goodbyes and i was glad that without even saying a single word. His feelings reached mine. No one is as strong as they showcase themselves to be. Everyone has their own battles and some hidden emotions and i was glad that he shared his moment with me.
A moment which turned into Our little Secret.

Padmini Sapre

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