Beyond Infinity

The pain you feel inside, the pain that’s unbearable. Its not your heart, not your veins or arteries. Its your body that’s sinking not ready to move. Somethings just happen, its all perfect at the moment and in the next second- its all destroyed. One mistake, one sentence and everythings gone. You cannot go back, you cannot correct it. Its like the ink stain that’s never going to go. You want someone beside you, you want to hold someone. You want to cry it all off, but there’s no one around. It’s getting too heavy that you feel like you are going to fall everytime you get up. It’s too deep that you can’t reach it. You want to cut it out, relieve yourself but its IMPOSSIBLE. You feel like sleeping but it’s not letting you sleep. You keep on turning sides, staring the darkness as it engulfs you. You feel like breaking something apart but you don’t have anything around. You walk in the crowd, there are people around, friends calling you, asking What’s the matter? And you cannot answer. Each time they ask it gets worse.
There’s only one pill to this but you don’t have it.
This is pain. Pain Beyond Infinity. And you just utter out these words out loud in your mind-
Let’s see how long I can hold this. Let’s see how long?

Shivendra Saxena

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