Life so far

Guess what? It’s been a while sitting beside the lake. Wondering about life and past. Evaluating your life and living every moment again is one hell of a ride. It’s all going on in the mind and your body is still, staring the water and the nature around. Feeling the breeze, hair dancing and shirt stuck to your body. Going on in mind is the show that’s the best you have ever seen. Time back to the day when your brain started building memories to stay and also to reflect those in your character. The day when you realised that school is important and you cannot escape it just by crying. But then your mind evolved and started coming the ideas of headache, stomach ache, fever etc. Then came the time when you wanted to run to school as fast as possible to meet your friends and have fun. The time when you are sitting there in 2nd std thinking new people are too boring and why is the teacher assigning numbers to all the students. Your mind has an idea about what will you be in future but this is going to get dumped soon. You are too busy attending different types of classes and completing your homework that you don’t realise time has passed by and now your mind is playing with you. Teenage is taking over and some weird things are happening. You suddenly are too concious about your looks and your behaviour. A lot is taking over and this stress is ruining your grades. Your aims are getting shattered and new ones are swaying you away from your family. Simultaneously you are falling for someone. This new attraction is so making you feel that it’s true love ! In midst of all this you don’t know but you’re just entering your farewell suited up. School life is over, friends made here are all leaving, promises are being made and the sound of click click click is in the air. You so wanted to not go to school when you were a child but now it strikes hard in ur heart that you cannot leave this prison. You are so in love with its air and then you are home preparing for boards. As it is called, the exam that decides your life but you later are going to realise that it was just another exam. IIT AIPMT TOEFL IELTS BITS and blah blah blah is what’s on every tongue. Then the day arrives, results are announced, some decide they’ll try again next year and some just grab the best they have and move forward. *Boom* You are in college. First year, a lot running through your mind. Should I do this, should I do that? New friends, new opportunities, new air. You just breathe in the freedom. Then slowly everything starts falling apart, you miss your home, your school days, your good old friends, that small little world you use to live in and be happy.  Life starts happening and the lessons you have learned in the past 18 years are helpful now. You tackle problems and learn from the ones you cannot.
It’s a long journey and I have just been till here. A lot of things unsaid ’cause some feelings cannot be described by words but just felt. I hope your journey till here was a rollercoaster and sit tight as the end is far far away. I m riding and so are you! Let’s see. What the next turn is all about.

Shivendra Saxena.

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