She bent forward to see what lies ahead of her. Beneath her foot was the real world. Awaiting to get hold of her and drag her down. She couldn’t stop herself from being scared. She had never shred a single tear of sadness before. All she knew were the tears of joy. She thought of the moment when her mother had brought her the orange popsicle for the first time. As always! She was keen to taste it. So curious to know how it felt on her tongue. The same thought gave her the courage. She liked the idea of embracing whatever life offered her with her eyes filled with curiosity. And a “leap of faith” is what she took. Taking a step forward, she let it all go. She jumped with her body relaxed. She thought maybe someone will catch her before she falls. Maybe it wont be as bad as her thoughts portrayed it to be. But what she did not know was that, she was destined to fly and not to fall. She was brave. Her wings where made up of the some trust unbroken. Her soul was pure. Her heart was clean and
that is how she flew. High! Very high. Touching the clouds, playing with the sunshine which were her rays of hope. Little did she know that the world will one day cut her wings off and put her in the cage all shattered. But she couldnt give it all up just like that. It had taken all of her life to reach where she was. She knew that if she was to fly again, she will have to conquer the world. Without her wings, helpless she was. But she wasnt hopeless. She eventually with all her strength tried to overcome her fears and fought her own little battle.
She chose to fly. She chose to live her life with her own conditions and not by that of the world which burdened her down.
Yes, she chose to fly!

Padmini Sapre

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