A star of age, a powerful phase,
There is no good or bad, just love or hate.
Tons of adventures, gallons of laziness,
Mixed together in a bowl of crazy mess.

Where one might seem to be weak with brawns,
Will overrun others by thinking ‘til dawn.
It’s a time of praising, debating, and relating,
About some matters which all have been awaiting.

Why is it so wonderful, yet so dark?
Painless nights, but excruciatingly hard.
It doesn’t matter if it’s lust, or your first,
Just make it special ‘n live like a bird.

Trying the best of ways to make use of life,
When it’s obviously going to be snatched away by a woman called wife.
But husbands are oblivious too, not to mention dumb,
Thinking about happiness when life has become numb.

It’s either do it or don’t, live or die,
But not as important as meeting your mates at five,
Talking about cars ‘n bikes, games ‘n sports,
While science is just sailing away in a boat.

Theories ‘n jokes, they go hand-in-hand,
Among people who live according to a plan.
But they have no time for us, themselves not too,
Wrapped around their thoughts, studying loads ‘til two.

It’s the smell of teen spirit that is in the air,
With girls fantasizing about Cobain ‘n his hair,
While guys just think about ladies ‘n booze,
Spending more than half their nights on what to choose.

This is the energy, ‘tis the real deal,
If you want to survive, learn how to heal.
The seeds of glory have grown their roots,
For it’s about time you realised that this is bloody YOUTH.


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