It was yet another morning for him, until he saw the policeman barge into his cell and tell him that he will be released that day. There was no more adrenaline rush within him but a steady flow of spirit that oceaned under his skin when he heard the news, he was awaiting since two years. The silent verve travelled through his mind as an impossible desire crept in him. He had nothing to lose except the hope to which he is clinging onto from the moment he entered the dark four walled cage. He has been drenched in the thirst for life. His hands shook as he gradually unstooped to stand. In his attempts he would fall. He was too weak to stand. But he knew he was a prisoner and today he would be freed. He fervently stood up and with uncoordinated muscles, he limped towards the impossible dream. His dream to start to live again. Somewhere in his dead minds space he knew he will be ever haunted by the emptiness which has accumulated within him. He would remain as yet another unknown figure in the crowd who met death in vain struggle of existence. His past will overshadow his every breathe until it ceases. The question reverberates as he walks out-“will he get his true freedom, ever?” Although his heart shouts “freedom is nearby. Strive to live. Give it another chance.” His conscious blares “Impossible. Impossible.”

Debdyuti Dutta. 

What's your point of view?

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