Words are not enough,
But yeah I’ll try my best.
Here’s a girl. A girl damn witty,
When I met her, she was so miti.

Walking in the midst of the path,
With her head held high,
And no mark of sigh.
Don’t know when we came close,
Family we are, n always will be.
Mom she calls me,
tired of hearing my daily dose.
Look into her eyes,
Eyes deeper then the oceans,
Dreams they carry,
Dreams she’s gonna marry,
Her beauty is immense,
A look at her and you’ll loose sense.
Her soul is pure, and heart very soft.
But dnt get mistaken,
Courage n guts moves with her like waft.
She gets angry, and sometimes jaded,
There had been ups and downs,
But her smile never faded.
One day I’m gonna see u amongst the best,
Till then I’m not gonna let u rest.
I say that cause I know you have got it in you,
Work for ur dreams, The days r few.

Shivendra Saxena.

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